Coaching for Entertainment Industry + Creatives

The media world moves at a quick speed.  You’ve got to be adept, skillful, creative,  strong, and flexible in a challenging, competitive atmosphere.  A big part of our success for Entertainment Executives is their ability to deal positively and effectively with all the different types of individuals we encounter.
I have worked with Entertainment Executives & Creatives for over a decade.  I draw on this experience to provide coaching for Entertainment Media Professionals and Executives’ unique needs.

Coaching for Entertainment professionals is specifically designed to help my clients.

  • Balancing your creative goals with production practicalities
  • Manage conflicting creative and business agendas 
  • Inspire and motivate talent & creativity
  • Aid in creating supportive and inspired leadership in the unpredictable creative environment 
  • Cope with pressing deadlines and high pressure.
  • Navigate corporate and network politics to communicate effectively
  • Create and develop organizations and teams to support creative flow and production.
  • Establishing a supportive network within your company
  • Handling the demands of producers, directors, writers, actors, agents
  • Hiring and firing
  • Ageism, racism, sexism, & gender identity issues
  • Handling difficult bosses and talent
  • Recognizing and dealing with toxic personalities
  • Unrealistic production expectation

My holistic, practical, and integrative approach is an inside-out way to nurture change.

Because when you can uncover and change the root of what you perceive is in the way, your outer experience begins to mirror back to you that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Learn how to partner with your emotions, regulate the nervous system, and embody more space.

Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of energy available to us. When we learn how to access our inner wisdom and start honoring our mind and body’s capacity and limits, we can support ourselves from a life of burnout and exhaustion and not spend time caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

I create a tailored approach that supports you and your unique tapestry and flavorings.
I reserve my one-on-one sessions for a limited number of highly committed individuals with the willingness and the courage to show up and make the leap toward what they really desire to create.
My sessions are done by phone or online.

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