Sacred Woman Journey Is A Path For Inner Freedom, A Road For Healing.

Virtual 10-month-long alchemy of ancient rituals, psychology, embodiment, and feminine magic.

You are a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within. It’s time to uncover, nourish, and worship

Journey begins late Spring 2023


Come Gather

In ancient times our ancestral mothers gathered to care and nurture each other.  They shared stories about their unique and collective experiences.  There was no leader, no submissive.  There was no modern-day competition.  They gathered to share rituals to nourish the body, heart, mind, and soul. 

Women gathered to share stories from their daily experience, to initiate one another, to celebrate the changes in the body, to honor the transitions in lifespan, and to support one another.  The red tent was common as a place where women gathered in reverence to their moon cycle.

When an emphasis on increasing cognitive development occurred, what resulted was more linear thinking and behaviors. Gathering in circle was replaced with meeting in lines. In this way, both men and women became passive receivers of information and instruction from others in leadership positions.

When women gather for the purpose of enriching their lives with self-love and self-care, we hold each woman in sacred space and purpose as equals.

When we bring forth and delve into ancient ways, we revitalize our collective wisdom and connect to modern times.

We gather to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and as part of a greater group.

We gather to enliven and heal life.

When women gather to share their joy, work on projects, join in rituals, or help nourish each other at various levels of depth and purpose, the body rejoices, the heart expands, the mind lets go, and the soul soars.

And, when women gather with the intention of loving and caring for themselves, the whole world heals.

Sacred Pilgrimage For The Sacred Woman

Sacred Pilgrimage is a program for women ready to lead a life filled with self-care and self love.   

Self-care and self-love are reflections of oneself and it is a process of elevating oneself in their best of forms.  Choosing to love and care for yourself  every day is to choose to live a good and healthy life. It taking charge and responsibility for your life and well-being.  When we start caring for ourselves, we start feeling confident and our self-esteem increases. Caring for the self relaxes our brain cells, reduces stress, and helps heal habitual holding patterns and trauma responses. 

The essence of self-love is found in how you experience yourself. Your core nature is love, so to love yourself is to experience yourself as love as loving, and deserving of love.  The deep awareness that you are love means you are also aware of you innate worthiness and therefore do no expend any energy at all seeking external validation of your worthiness. You live from a place of enoughness—rooted in wholeness. This inner connectedness fuels you with vitality and energy for life and the ability to create reciprocity with life itself. It enables you to go out into the world with a sense of belonging and that the world awaits you and your unique gifts.

On the other hand, to lack self-love is to be disconnected from the deeper part and the awareness that love is your true nature. Rituals, embodiment, and feminine magic support reclaiming your connection to the Self.  And in return, you cherish, protect, and nurture your self, your life, and your inner knowing.

The key here is conscious and deliberate devotion. Choosing to prioritize and heal your relationship with yourself.  One must know themselves to recover love for themselves. 

Self-Care Self-Love in Action.

Self-love is the creative force, the energy, from which you build your life. Self-care is the doing. 

Once you have chosen into self-love and a life of loving devotion to yourself, you reclaim your inner world and the journey of self-acceptance—loving and caring for yourself no matter what. 

For many women, the practice of self-care and self-love is one that is challenging or filled with guilt.  Even the act of choosing to accept yourself can be the most difficult part for any of us.  Women have been taught to caretake and nurture others—children, partners, aging parents—before nurturing themselves. Many women wear a badge of neglect with a sense of pride because they have inadvertently learned that the more the self-sacrifice, the better women they are.  Many women also believe that to ask for help, to ask for support of any kind, means they are weak and terrible in their roles of mothers, daughters, sisters, partners.  

The intention for the 10-month Sacred Woman’s Journey is to help women remember who they are before the stories—before the should’s and must’s women of all cultures learn. 

Participants will

  • Learn specific ancient rituals, rites of passages, and devotional practices to support her in deepening her relationship with her innate wisdom, loving core, and self-acceptance.
  • Guided through embodiment practice that will support her feeling more comfortable in her own skin, revitalize her body’s genuine beingness and expression, and releasing habitual patterns that keep her feeling stuck.
  • Learn and honor her unique feminine flavor and those that reflect the feminine collective to support her exploration of her unique delights and gifts that connect her with her sensual side.

A Powerful Way That Women Can Bring Down The Patriarchy Is For Women To Love And Care For Themselves And Each Other.

Self care means taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually while self-love means showing kindness and compassion to yourself.

My decades of work as a sex therapist, transformational coach, and above all, as a modern-day woman has taught me the importance of self-care and self-love in a woman’s sacred journey. I also witnessed and experienced the depression, anxiety, and worthlessness experienced when the Self is left for last or wholly abandoned because of the obligations we women experience in our relationships, careers, and the quotidian demands of life. 

 The Sacred Woman’s Pilgrimage is an alchemy of practices and techniques that I have used with hundreds of women and couples that I have served as a transformational coach and sex therapist for over 15 years. 

I have been a student of embodiment and tantra practices to support my growth. Practicing for many years has also assisted me in creating unique modalities for my clients that support growth, vitality, and more freedom in their lives.  


Ancient Rituals

Rituals began as mechanisms for the unification of human group—a way for people to relate to the sacred.  Ancient rituals were created to explain the inexplicable and to make sense of both the celebration and the suffering of the human experience. 

Rituals also help guide interpersonal ties and nurture our collective cohesion.  Each ritual had its own rules, philosophies, cosmogonies, and forms of adoration and worship.  They were often connected to the moon and sun cycles,  the change of. seasons, holy days, and rites of passage.  

Ancient rituals will be taught and practiced throughout the program to reflect each woman’s journey and that of the feminine collective

Psychology & Embodiment

Psychology at its core is the as the study of the soul—the recognition of the importance of reintegrating spirituality and spiritual practices into the essence of authentic psychological inquiry and healing. 

Embodiment theory – that we use our own bodily experience and processes to understand our own emotional experience, and the experiences of others – has provided a mechanism to help us understand emotional processing.

Integrating body-focused, movement and breath techniques along with more traditional therapeutic techniques, help bring into awareness our patterns of opening and closing to our desires and relationships. Once we can recognize these patterns, we can create shifts and ultimately release what does not serve us in our present life. We then can make space for growth and vitality.

Feminine Magic

To be in your Feminine means you allow Magic to be a vital force in your life. It is allowing life to be messy and even chaotic because there is no need to control things when you are following your wisdom.  

By honoring the sacred feminine, we find natural access to spiritual qualities like receptivity, patience, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, creativity, and sensuality.

The Divine feminine energy embraces all things sensual. Not necessarily sexual. Honoring the Feminine Magic means that sensuality is all about physical pleasure—getting in touch with the feeling side of things. It is tactile and pleasing of the senses. 

Various techniques will be taught and practiced throughout the program supporting each woman’s unique feminine flavor and  those that reflect the feminine collective.


Body | Earth | Wild

Body.  The path of sensory experiences – smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. Movement and stillness. Comfort and safety. Arousal, orgasm, and other physical pleasures.  Awareness of how all parts of the body connect to all the senses.

Earth can be the ground, stability, a foundation for life and for the structures of man and nature. 

Wild. Woman.  Women have probably always felt this disconnection with their true essence – The Wild Woman – and even those who have the freedom and incentive to try to step out and express themselves, like any student stepping into the unknown, will probably feel like the precarious path she attempts to walk is invisible and entirely dangerous.

Heart | Water | Queen

Heart. The path of passion and compassion.  A full range of feelings – love, passion, longing, anger, and fear. Whatever touches the heart.  Empathy — the ability to feel what others feel.  Compassion —  the ability to love yourself and others no matter how conflicted your feelings may be.  Trust—the ability to let go of control. 

Water.  Divine generosity. A personification of healing and suffering, protection and vulnerability, stillness and rage.  A purifier of the soul. A representation of wisdom and peace, and purity. The spiritual meaning of water lies in its reflection of the human spirit and the interconnection, love among all creations.

Queen.  The ultimate in female leadership, sovereignty, loyalty and devotion to her loved ones, including herself.  As a leader she is benevolent, compassionate and inclusive.  Lives in the spirit of reciprocity and kindness.

Soul | Air | Wise

Soul the path of connection and meaning.  A deep sense of connection with one’s self, one’s partner, one’s tribe and family, or “higher power.”

This can include inner visions, communication with divine forces, reinvigorating one’s intuition, and experiencing one’s self as part of all that is sacred. The experience of connecting to the soul is characterized by increased energy, lasting satisfaction, and transcendence.

Air.  In Greek spiro means “brea.” From air/breath we get inspiration, as if the Divine was filling us with the sacred breath. Prana,  in Sanskrit, translates to ‘life force energy’ and ‘breath’ referring to the energy behind each inhalation and exhalation we take, the life force behind that breath, and the way the world around us ‘breathes’ too.

Wise Woman.  The Wise Woman, also called the Wise Crone, is one of the oldest, most enduring archetypes.  The Wise Woman possesses compassion and kindness intersected with magic, mystery, and nature. She is the Spiritual in human form.  She is not born fully wise.  Rather she is molded by her experiences and lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


Mind | Fire | Maiden

Mind.  Imagination, intuition, memory, and dreams. Waking dreams and fantasies. Wishes, intentions, anticipations, and expectations.  

Fire.  Many religions see fire as a symbol of divinity.  It represents cleansing  and purification: A burning down what no longer serves and creating pathways to hope.  Burning away of  thoughts and beliefs to allow a sense of innocence. 

Maiden.  Represents innocent playfulness and fun, possessing a sense of curiosity which is displayed through an energetic exploration of the world. She is a sensitive, emotional being who is in touch with her feelings.  Reconnecting with the maiden offers ways to love and expresses benevolence, innocence, and excitement for life and all its experiences.  

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Virtual Sacred Woman’s Pilgrimage begins on Summer 2023

  • Monthly Half-Day Virtual Retreats
  • Monthly Catered Self-Care Box Delivered to Your Home
  • Individual & Group Self-Care Rituals 
  • Individual & Group Self-Love Devotionals
  • Embodiment Practices to Unlock the Body’s Wisdom & Innate Its Expression
  • Moon and Sun Rituals
  • Feminine Archetype Work
  • Using the Elements to Access Deeper Levels of Intuition
  • Group Coaching | Q & A events
  • Surprises Along the Way

This program is for you if

  • You want to learn about your unique Feminine Magic expression.
  • You want to experience more peace and vibrancy in your life.
  • You know the importance of creating a holistic self-care practice. 
  • You want to reconnect to your body’s wisdom and genuine expressions.
  • You want to reinvigorate pleasure and feel good in your body.
  • You have a deep desire to connect to ancestral wisdom to support you in creating a more aligned in. 
  • You are ready to nurture yourself in meaningful ways—mind, body, heart, and soul.
  • You want to feel more healthy, seen, and balanced.
  • You want more self-love, self-care, and radical self-acceptance.
  • You want to help raise other women and yourself while channeling the power of true collaboration.
  • You desire to rejuvenate and renew your way of being with yourself, and your loved ones.

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