Business Coaching For Healers & Helpers

Let's Go On A Journey And Help You Dream & Create The Business That Supports You Serving Your Clients & YOU


You went into the helping & healing industry because you deeply desired to help people, serve others, see them grow and heal, and make a difference in the life of others. 

If your business has no solid foundation, if you are unclear on how you want to serve, or if your clients cannot find you, you are helping no one.

Much less your vision or yourself.


  • Are you looking to scale your solo practice?
  • Do you desire to transition from community mental health to private practice?
  • Are you looking for support in setting the foundation to expand into owning a group practice?
  • Are you ready to expand beyond 1:1 clients or hourly rates?
  • Do you want to create a lifestyle that balances self-care, family time, and being a successful business owner?
  • Are you ready to convert your insurance-based practice into private pay?
  • Are you ready to take the leap and specialize in a specific niche?

I started my first business, a private therapy practice, in 2006. 

And I struggled at the very beginning.  So much so that I was getting ready to close after six months.  I met with my landlord to give her my notice, and in the middle of a tough conversation, she asked, “What have you done to get help your business?”  The truth… I had done very little.  How was I suppose to know what to do? Throughout grad school and internships, no one had ever spoken about the business side of therapy.

That’s when I decided to get some help and  I got myself a business coach. 

From day one with my coach, I saw the benefits of investing in high-quality business coaching and have continued my entrepreneurial education ever since.  I’ve been mentored by coaches, professional networking groups, successful colleagues in my field, entrepreneurship accelerator programs, and all the books, workshops, training,  and podcasts available to me.  

All along the way, I kept giving back and helping my fellow business owners.  I didn’t intend to become a coach.   I decided to help others create the practice of their dreams when I realized I was getting the same questions I was asking my coaches and mentors from other struggling therapists and colleagues and that my answers were helping people transform their businesses and their lives.

I am a believer in the power of therapy. The only thing I love more than being a therapist is helping other therapists and other helping professionals dream big and feel more confident about the business side of things.

Get expert, personal guidance to shift your mindset, become intentional with your strategy, and clear your path to the business of your dreams.

Foundations for therapy business & entrepreneur

You can’t help anyone if no one can find you and you are unclear on the kind of business you want to run. Sadly many therapists leave the field or commit to overworking to be able to sustain a lifestyle they want because grad school and supervision are excellent grounds for learning our craft and how to serve our clients,  but they rarely provide us learning on how to run a business

Transforming Obstacles to Stepping Stones

We will explore and unravel beliefs that impact your ability to move forward with your dreams and goals.  Obstacles are many times sign posts that we are on the right path, but without the right support and mindset, they can may feel unsurmountable.

Prosperity Mindset

A transformative inside-out approach to elevate your mindset & create strategies to reach your goals in a way that honors and nourishes your unique flavor.

Mission + Vision + Leadership

Whether you are looking to scale your solo practice or expand into a group practice, clarity on your mission (your why) and your vision (your how) help you clarify your unique leadership style. 

Coaching Immersions

Sessions will focus on transformational work so you get the personalized coaching support you need to create what you want and let yourself really dream big.

Prosperity Mindset

  • Commitment of 6 -12 months.
    Access to library of paperwork, work flow formats, client forms, employee forms, and other important documentation.
  • Forms for solo or group practice or expanding beyond clinical work included
  • Individualized coaching sessions as needed to support accountability and forward movement.
  • Coaching sessions conducted online or in person.
  • Laser coaching and support via Voxer or email in between coaching sessions
  • On the spot coaching as needed (20 minute “on call” mini-sessions)

Level Elite

  • Commitment of 3 months
  • 4-hour monthly individualized coaching sessions. Participants may choose how to schedule these hours.
  • Coaching sessions conducted online or in person.
  • Laser coaching and support via Voxer or email in between coaching sessions

Level Entrepreneur

  • Commitment of 3 months
  • 2-hour monthly individualized coaching sessions
  • Coaching sessions conducted online or in person
  • Laser coaching and support via Voxer or email in between coaching sessions

Strategy Session

  • 90-minute Session
  • Coaching session conducted via Zoom or phone
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